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Your New Smartphone Is Already Extinct

The pace of smartphone innovation has ramped up to ludicrous speed and mobile competition has gone cutthroat thanks to two key factors: The rise of Google's Android operating system and the predominance of Qualcomm processors.

The way it was: Just a few years ago, mobile phone makers had to design their devices through and through: The hardware, operating system, chipset and design were all made by LG, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and their rivals.

All that time and effort meant phones took a long time to get to market, and they needed to stay there for years to make back all the investment that went into designing the device.

The way it is now: But then along came Android, an open source, free-to-license OS. The availability of Android means device manufacturers can just load the ready-made software onto their phones instead of paying a team of engineers to develop a proprietary OS. And they can customize it as much as they like.

"The beauty of Android is that it's completely open," said Marcelo Claure, CEO of Brightstar, a global mobile phone distributor. "All the equipment manufacturer has to do is slap a skin on top of it and market the phone." continue



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