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Motorola's Atrix is out in the market today!

Atrix is a beautiful, loaded, screamingly fast Android phone. The companion laptop — sleek, light, superthin, black aluminum — has no processor, memory or storage of its own. Instead, you insert the phone into a slot behind the screen hinge. The phone becomes the laptop’s brains.

The Atrix phone and the laptop together cost $500 after the rebate. Now, for that money, you could get a nice phone and a full-blown Windows netbook that runs faster and does it all. Of course, you lose most of the perks — a single storage gadget, eternal battery life and so on. And the netbook you buy won’t be anywhere near as beautiful as the Atrix laptop. But it’s not just the price of the hardware. To use the browser on the laptop, you’re required to pay AT&T tethering plan that has an additional $20 a month.



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